The Cartwright Broadfork is available in 2 sizes:
The 996-47 broadfork works best for the gardener of average height, while the 996-53
model broadfork is perfect for a gardener 6' or over.

The Broadforks are now available only in the brown color finish. We continue to show some pictures and detail photos in the original color because it seems to show better detail.

The Cartwright Broadfork is a lifetime tool. Purchasing our broadfork is one of the best investments you can make for establishing an organic garden. Unlike motorized tillers which pulverize and invert soil layers, essential desertifying the initial growing surface by exposing microbes to different strata and therby killing many of them. Sure, they'll re-establish eventually, but this soil disturbance is a setback for plant nutrition uptake. Using the broadfork gently aerates the soil by allowing air and water penetration with minimal disturbance of microbial habitat. And the broadfork reaches twice the depth of a motorized tiller.
Broadforks are also cheaper to use (no gas engine to feed) and healthier (no gas fumes to inhale and exercise for your major muscle groups). The unique construction of the Cartwright Broadfork with its crossbar handle makes it a more rigid, and thus more controllable unit than the "U-bar" type broadforks on the market.

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Cartwright Broadfork with 7 tines
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Our Store offers, in addition to our broadforks, many of the best weeding tools and other favorite garden tools. (To see descriptions of any of the other garden tools listed below click on this line)

Hand Sickle garden tool
handsickle & folding saw:
Two tools I have on me whenever I'm working outside.

folding pruning saw garden tool