The most versatile garden tilling tool anywhere...

the Cartwright Broadfork™ is the toughest hand tilling tool on the market! Its unique uni-body design assures strength with ease of use (your digging force is transferred more directly to earth with less effort than in broadfork tilling tool models with verticle handles). The solid oak horizontal bar handle is comfortable to use and assures ergonomically correct, efficient soil-working movement.  A boiled linseed oil finish on this handle protects the wood. The 13" hardened tines will penetrate soil to an 11" depth and are  easily removed with a hand wrench (should they ever bend)--avoiding the expense and trouble of repairs by welding.

Broadfork with 5 tines
Broadfork with 4 tines
broadfork with seven tines
woman using broadfork
man inserting  broadfork into soil by stepping full weight on tine bar

Above: For tilling up extremely hard clay soil it's sometimes necessary to put your full weight on the broadfork, leaning from side to side to work the tines into the soil a few inches. For tilling new or difficult ground it's best to only insert the tines a few inches on the first pass. The next pass can be a few inches deeper and in a direction perpendicular to the first.

The Cartwright Broadfork Garden Tool, with its interchangeable tines, is the most versatile broad fork available--comparable to getting

3 or 4 broadforks for the price of 1.

Each Broadfork comes with 7   13" tines, giving you the ability to use any tine arrangement--adapted to suit soil and cultivating needs. Most commonly 4, 5, 6 or 7 tines are used for various jobs. This broadfork tool is the most versatile small garden tiller you can find anywhere. No other broadfork tilling tool has this feature.

 Compare these unique features of the Cartwright BroadforkTM with any other hand tilling tool:

  • Interchangeable tines allow you to use either 4 tines spaced @ 6", 5 tines spaced @ 4" or 7 tines spaced @ 3". (While the 4  or 5 tines are useful in breaking new ground or for general tilling in heavier soils, the 7 tines are great for finer tilling, use in looser soils, and for harvesting root crops.)
  • The 1/2" thick hardened steel tines can be easily replaced with a wrench--in the unlikely event they bend or break--eliminating the cost and delay in procuring a welding service. (Just ask us for a free replacement tine)
  • Horizontal solid oak handle provides a comfortable grip and is positioned to make it easy to use this hand tilling tool with less effort than other tillers cultivators, eliminating strain in arms and shoulders.
  • There are 2 sizes available: 47" tall (measured from handle to tine end) for the person of average height, and 53" tall for the taller (over 6') gardener.

  • Uni-body steel construction for durability
  • Replaceable 1/2" thick hardened tines (7 total) penetrate the soil 11" deep (twice the depth of motorized tillers)
  • Horizontal white oak handle for comfortable grip
  • "I can assure you that you'll find my newly designed broadfork, built by an Indiana master welder, a thoroughly reliable garden tool and a pleasure to work with."                                                                                                      --Richard Cartwright

    Purchase the Cartwright BroadforkTM --the garden tool that will last a lifetime!

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    47"  broadfork     

    SKU 996-47            $225 

    53" (tall) broadfork

    SKU 996-53                $235

    stepping on broadfork tinebar
    inserting broadfork into soil by stepping on tine bar
    removing broadfork from soil by stepping back and pulling handbar toward you
    positioning boadfork for insertion into soil

     Normally placing one foot in the center of the tine bar and putting weight on it will sink the tines as deep as you want. Then step back and lower the handle back and down just far enough to aerate the soil. Step back again, drawing the broadfork back until the tines are in a position atop the soil about 8-12 inches from the first insertion and repeat the process.

    User comments:

    "I got the broadfork and it works very well.  I prefer your design with the horizontal pull bar because it makes for a stiffer unit.  It turned my garden faster than with a shovel.  

    I have had some problems with some invasive grasses that spread through the roots.  The BF lifts them out so that I can remove them.   Perfect."   

    --JD, Kansas

    "The broad fork worked great

    … thanks for a fantastic tool."


     Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments

    about the Cartwright Broadfork.



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